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TCC – Type Of Question

So digging through the full export of questions I had to consult the data dictionary and was pleasantly surprised that I came upon a new to me table called TypeOfQuestion. If you filter on the value in this table from your export, you can just return the type of questions that you are looking for. Here are the look up values:

Number Name
1 ForPrescreening
2 EmploymentEquityQuestion
3 DisqualificationQuestion
4 SecurityQuestion
5 InterviewQuestion

TCC – Diversity Answer Decode Projection

Every time that I run across the diversity answer export it gives me trouble. So I suppose it’s time to document it. To find the variables do an export on DiverstityAnswers targeting the Question and PossibleAnswer related tables. You can then sub them into this projection:

<quer:projection id="idGender" alias="USAEEO2Gender" xmlns:quer="">
  <quer:query projectedClass="Candidate" alias="EEO2b_Gender">
      <quer:projection alias="EEO2b_Gender">
          <quer:field path="DiversityAnswers,PossibleAnswer,Sequence"/>
          <quer:field path="DiversityAnswers,Question,Code"/>
          <quer:string>EEO2b Gender</quer:string>
          <quer:field path="Number"/>
          <quer:field ownerQuery="NewHire" path="Candidate"/>

TCC – Advanced Debugging

So I’ve got an issue with TCC that honestly has me thinking about a new career path. I’m using the touchpoints and it won’t let me extract anything from the offer. I’ll let you know the outcome of that but there is a debugging command you can use in the advanced export options:
Name = debug.log.sql.queries
Value = true

Uncheck the delete temporary files on completion in the config and when you run the integration, in the runtime monitoring it will hyperlink the steps to the files. Pretty cool stuff.


TCC – Return Top X

Sometimes you are building an integration that you know is going to return a kajillion rows, you see this in things like the questionAnswer exports and such. I had someone tell me there was a way to set an advanced setting to make it only return so many rows and indeed the page size points to that but as with most things, use the code for it…

<quer:filtering xmlns:quer="">