1 Terabyte For Entertainment

So with the new phone comes a chance to start new. I hate that when switching phones they want you to bring everything over from your old phone. No!!! It’s time to start fresh, if it’s your favorite app, just get it again, or better yet, is there one that does it bigger, better, faster, cheaper?

That goes for content too, every phone has a SD micro card slot. Mine will accept a terabyte of data. Yes 1TB. Friggin thing costs $150 but now I have a terabyte that will be with me at pretty much all times. And yes it’s great for storing those high def videos but what else? For me, I’ve put my music collection on it. This is every piece of music I’ve every bought and then some. That is 210GB or 21% of the drive. Next time someone asks for that obscure song we listed to 30 years ago, got it and all the others too.

I’ve got 500 or so music videos, most from a time when MTV actually played videos, 20Gb, so not much there but literally days worth of music videos. That will keep you entertained on a plane and with a playlist and HDMI cable, it can be the life of the party.

How about movies? I currently have 1473 movies on my Plex server. Over 3TB, but I picked my top 25, something there for everyone and that’s just 50GB. Throw in another 100GB for audio and I’ve got about 500Gb of entertainment at my finder tips with room to grow.