Football is back!!!

Well preseason anyways. The Cowboys are playing this afternoon and there isn’t much to cheer about. The curse is real and they won’t go anywhere again this year. So that it’s in writing, I believe that because we’re looking at a 17 game season they won’t be 8 and 8! But I believe this doesn’t bode well for the boys and will result in a more pathetic than usual 7 and 10 season. They’re due a pretty big pummeling in the opener with Tampa Bay and that will set the tone for the rest of the season.

But beyond how badly they’ll be playing I’ll be hoping I’m wrong and they win. It’s also nice to have football back on. Once you get past the whinny people complaining that someone is taking a knee or what anthem is playing, it’s good to see physical competition in the goofy American ritual called football. It signals the start of school and the promise of cooler weather coming.

Life is good but life is short, enjoy the things that make you smile!

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