Root of the Problem

Or the problem of the root. I’m beat!!! So I’m trying to get everything nice and level for the skids, two of them are on the existing foundation and the other two are slightly uphill from the first two. So I’m going to lay down pavers at the same level as the foundation, started trying to dig out the trench for the pavers and got the great idea to use my tiller. Aside from it eating up my string line, it went well enough until I ran into a root, this thing is huge so I’ve mostly dug it out and I’ll tighten the chain on the chainsaw and do what needs to be done.

Ground Work Begins

So one of the true rules of life is if you don’t start with a good foundation, you’re going to have problems. This is especially true of buildings including the shed. So we need to make sure we’ve got a solid foundation. I’ve got a poured foundation but this is going to be larger than that, so I’m using the concrete tubes to add a piling. Concrete pouring tomorrow.

The Big Four Nine

So today is my 49th birthday, sigh. Hindsight is always 20/20 so in looking back there are a lot of things that I’d like to go back and do differently, but you can’t and you waste time thinking about it, learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in the present. I’ll try to make sure I do this daily.
So aside from 49, that means 50 is only a year away and it’s the round numbers that get me. Well by then I hope to have finished making the positive changes that will carry me through the golden years of my life. Here’s to progress!!!

I got my first shot of the Moderna vaccine for Covid today too. And to top it all off mom and sis came over for a visit. It was a great day to be alive and I’m looking forward to the next trip around the sun.