Category: Life in General

  • Roger’s Memorial

    Roger’s memorial was today. Mom, Cortney and I went, it was nice to get a chance to remember him. Although I didn’t know him well, he was one of the great ones. Truly one who wanted to help others. And during the memorial, I was struck that the more you assist and aid and help […]

  • Vacations Are Work

    So the idea of a vacation is that you get to relax, but getting to the vacation is anything but relaxing. For example, I’ve got to clean the house, get packed, finish up work stuff and school stuff, make sure the cats are taken care of and get myself to Denver, then it’s just a […]

  • Wedding Week

    I’m driving with mom and sister to Denver for Brit’s wedding this Friday. I should be all set, I bought a Nintendo Switch to keep me entertained and I’ve got computers, and cell phones with 1 TB of entertainment, and hopefully, I’ll do most of the driving. Not sure about taking my sister’s car but […]

  • Church Today

    It was nice hanging out with Adrian last night and I figured I’d go to church and put in a good word for Sandy and her dad. I saw Charlie, Hanna, Michelle, Richard, Tom, and a multitude of other acquaintances. Something called Pentecost was today, not sure what it is but they celebrated the first […]

  • Memorial Day – 2022

    First of all, hat’s off and hand over heart to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. I tried to get into the military but I guess the higher power had different plans for me. Today I celebrated by finishing up the front lawn and then doing work and school, taking a nap, […]

  • No Sunday Angst today

    Easy not to have Sunday Angst when Monday is a holiday! Not much going on today, finished off bundling the tree limbs for trash day and raking the front strip of grass in the front. I literally raked out 100 pounds of leaves and other debris from there, and another 200 from the beds and […]

  • Solo Saturday

    Sandy took off for Erie today, leaving me to my own devices for a week. So far so good, I got up and kissed her goodbye, fixed the TV antenna on the roof, went and had a 20lb tank filled, and put the new sticker on the truck. Went to Walmart for supplies to restring […]

  • Mass Shooting – Uvalde, TX

    So as I was going through my day the news started to filter through. School shooting, lockdown, 2 dead, gunman arrested. It barely registered because there were only two after all, tragic as a school shooting is it’s hardly news anymore. The next I hear there are multiple fatalities and the gunman isn’t in custody… […]

  • Toxic Relationships

    I REALLY REALLY don’t want to hear about the Johnny Depp – Amber Heard trial but it’s kind of hard not to see it somewhere. It’s hard to fathom what led the once-great actor/heart-throb to expend so much time and energy on a self-destructive, heart-crushing relationship. The bottom line is there are things that poison […]

  • Sundaze, a hazy shade of summer

    I had a decent day, I actually worked all day on school and got it turned in, and spent about 7 hours on it. I turned it in and within an hour I got the notice that it’s deficient:( Three things need to be fixed and at first I was up in arms but as […]