750 sq ft of Pavers

So there’s home improvement afoot, there are three projects that are slated for the next 3 to 4 months.

  1. New shed in the back yard, this will be a 12 x 16 gambrel roof shed on a skid but will be perfect for inactive storage. This is what the miter saw is for.
  2. Expand driveway with pavers to accommodate the RV thus giving us back a two car garage.
  3. Screened in back porch. For sitting in the breeze with no bugs drinking your morning coffee and watching the spring rains fall on the tin roof.

The first thing is to have pavers to create a build area for the shed. That being said we dropped about $1k on 750 pavers that will provide the base for all this. I’m sore just looking at them and tomorrow starts the migration to the back yard.