Lost another high school classmate

I don’t think it’s been a year yet since an old high school classmate committed suicide and we’ve lost another member of the class of 90. Mike Wassink passed. I didn’t know him, I knew I went to school with him but that’s about it. Great guy from what I understand, we just never ran in the same circles.

For some reason I started looking up folks from the past, one of them used to be my boss when I drove a truck, Ralph Paglia. Good guy, evidently was one of the founders of auto sales marketing at the dawn of the internet. Passed due to Covid late last year. His Facebook, and linked-in are still sitting there, an algorithm someplace keeps track of the days since last log in. I wonder how long it will count before something is done.

It’s sad even if it is part of life. It is the final and unavoidable end to life, all life and as much as we try to comfort ourselves with religion and thoughts of an afterlife where we share eternity with loved ones, it’s hard to believe it’s real. At least it is for me.

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