Wedding Week

I’m driving with mom and sister to Denver for Brit’s wedding this Friday. I should be all set, I bought a Nintendo Switch to keep me entertained and I’ve got computers, and cell phones with 1 TB of entertainment, and hopefully, I’ll do most of the driving. Not sure about taking my sister’s car but it’s either that or the truck or Xterra, considering gas is at an all-time high her car is probably best for the trip. Newer and less cylinders than anything I’ve got.

I, of course, worry about the cats when I travel but I’ve got cameras set up on the inside to keep an eye on them and of course there’s camera’s everywhere outside. Cali doesn’t seem to understand the new food setup where there’s an auto feeder and camera, she’s still looking on the old table. Oh well, hopefully she’ll figure it out. More fun to come, stay tuned.