I don’t ever want to play the part

Of a statistic on a government chart

The Police -1981

Tough luck, you are a statistic on a government chart, just hope you’re in the upper part of it.

I’m taking a statistics class and my eyes are crossing. If your selling point to get people to acquire knowledge is that you will now have a better idea of the probability of heads vs tails of 10 coins being flipped 5 times you really need a better point.

And then what’s with this Bayes Rule and its comparison to cancer and false vs positive tests. I mean we’re dealing with something so abstract why bring a deadly disease into it? You want my attention? Start showing me how this relates to something I wouldn’t mind running across, like Vegas gambling odds on various games or how to handicap the ponies given their previous record damnit, something I may actually give a flying flip about…