Instant Pot Cheesecake

So since I was a kid I’ve loved the tangy sweet delight that’s known as cheesecake. Mom used to make a cheesecake for the Octoberfest at TCCC, I was 8??? In any case I’ve always loved it but making it seemed a daunting and downright impossible task. Even Alton’s episode left me despondent that it was just downright too hard to make. Fast forward to the current. When I bought my instant pot, I got an accessory kit that had a steamer basket, egg holder, fridge magnets with times and oddly enough a spring form pan. I knew this was the tool for cheesecake but in an instant pot???

Turns out the answer is emphatically yes. The steam is the perfect way to cook cheesecake and the pressure doesn’t hurt either. I found this recipe which I’ll shamelessly copy for my food blog shortly. Give it a shot, it’s well worth the effort.

Pizza Subs

So having done time in Erie, PA, I’ve developed a taste for pizza subs. Now you’d think this would be an easy order to fill. Any place with sub rolls and pizza fixings should be able to build this, or so you would think. But alas there’s no one willing to do this. There was one place I found down here (Dino’s) that used to have it on the menu, while it lacked a je ne sais quoi that was found in abundance at any hole in the wall Italian place in Erie, it did pass the bar and fit the need. But they stopped making them, when they said they no longer had it on the menu I asked them what they didn’t have, it stymied the order taker and I gave up. But you can make them on your own and here’s the proof:

Food Prep Day

I don’t know if I said yesterday but the new battery came from Sam’s club. That gave me time to do some shopping. I got about 10 pounds of ground beef and 6 pounds of pork chops. I’m lucky enough to have a side by side garage fridge and ample freezer storage along with the prerequisite vacuum sealer and scales. Now I have enough ground beef and pork chops to keep us in food for a little bit.