Stars Game @ AAC

For the first time in two years we got a chance to take the train into Dallas and catch a Stars game!!! But we lost in pretty spectacular fashion 4 to 1. Oh well, they keep this up and seats will be a lot cheaper than $50 apiece:)

Fedora 33 > 34 Update Complete

The computer updates have started. The new goal is going to move the current physical instance of my Linux server into a VirtualBox VM that will host everything until I can bring up RHEL on the new server hard drives and have it pick up things like web hosting and email. Once that’s complete I’ll… Continue reading Fedora 33 > 34 Update Complete

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Computer upgrades ahead

Just post to let you know that I’ll be upgrading the hard drives and migrating the OS to RHEL over the last quarter of this year. Should you hit a bookmark and nothings there, just wait, it’ll be back up better than ever shortly…