3D – Print – AAA Battery Holder

So from yesterday, we were discussing how to rotate your AAA batteries when you’re changing them out. While I love the idea of this item, it really doesn’t work as cool as it looks, if the battery slide is empty and one has to slide all the way down it tends to get sideways and you have to open/shake it around to get it where it needs to be. The cover doesn’t fit right either, just not tight enough. But despite the lack of a wow factor, it does the job we need it to in that if you put your dead batteries in the top, they will properly rotate assuming you take from the bottom to full the charger.

3D – Print – Spaghetti Portioner

I’m a lover of science and being able to control portions is key to culinary success. I probably have an issue, I’ve been known to weigh out my pasta to make sure that I have the correct amount. Oh well, there are worst vices to have. In any case I saw this and decided to print it, the holes are the amount of dry spaghetti pasta you would use for 1, 2 or 4 servings. Yeah it’s a unitasker but it’s 25 cents worth of plastic and 2 hours of print time so I’ve got one:)

3D – Print – PPE Helpers

So one of the nice things about having a 3D printer is that you can print useful things, unlike a 2D printer which is good for paper airplane graphics. Ha ha…
In any case one of the first things I printed were mask nose guards that prevent your mask from steaming up your glasses. They seem to work very well. Then my sister asked about the ‘ear saver’ mask holders so I found those and printed off several for her to check out. It’s nice to be able to help with little things like this.

3D – Print – Seat Back Hooks

This is my favorite so far! Primarily because although I’ve had the Xterra for about 8 years now, the back is solid plastic and there isn’t anything to keep things from sliding around, more than once I’ve made it home from the grocery store with the bread a casualty of a sliding case of ice tea. These hook on to the headrest posts of the back seat of the Xterra and provide me hooks to hand the bags on for a safe and uncrushed ride home.

3D – Towel Holder

Trying to get the hang of this 3D printing and this seemed simple enough, it’s a towel holder that I was thinking about using in the RV. It seems to work well enough an they’re small enough that you could use three and hang more towels than you’d need in that small of a space. The printer is a little wonky, I’m still trying to take in all that’s involved, seems to have a lot to do with the level, always the level.