New Phone

So for a while now I’ve been looking at getting a new phone. I don’t have a phone plan, or provider or contract so what am I supposed to do? I use Google Fi and I brought my unlocked from Metro to Fi when Fi was a much better deal. But it’s mostly cheaper than… Continue reading New Phone


As much as I don’t want to admit it I’m a bit of a pack rat. It comes from wanting to have things close at hand I believe. That and not wanting to have to reacquire said part/tool/whatever. This does however become an issue when it comes to things like computer cables. I finally have… Continue reading Packratting

New shelves for the garage.

So cleaning out the garage is a painfully slow process, to the point where you don’t know where to start, but I got the new shelves in for the garage and I can at least put things away to help clear the junk. Slowly but surely it’s taking shape.

Pavers Up

Thanks to Sandy and Shelly for the assistance, the pavers that served as a makeshift work area for the shed construction have been picked up and stacked into two huge stacks. Now the grass can start to regrow. This marks the end of one project and ready for the next.

Moving Bricks

So there are pictures here and there about the pavers that were laid out to provide a work area for building the shed. Well now it’s time to pick them back up so I can run the skid steer through without turning them into rubble. There was probably a better way to do this but… Continue reading Moving Bricks

Making Progress

As thrilled as I was at the shed being ‘completely done’ the glory was, sadly, short lived. It began to dawn on me how much work laid ahead to actually make use of the shed. Cleaning off and cleaning and moving the shelving and everything on it from the garage is a daunting task. Made… Continue reading Making Progress

Second Floor

So I wasn’t sure if/when I was going to put in a loft but the difficulty in raising the roof seems to necessitate it. Here’s to building on up!

Floor Frame Mostly Complete

I’ve got all the cross members for the floor frame in place and screwed into the frame. I used saddle brackets for ALL of the cross pieces. Overkill and an extra $150 in materials but I guess it’s better to over build. Let’s face it, you can’t go back and put them in later.

Concrete is Heavy

So I’m having to pour pilings and was somewhat disheartened to find that an 80lb bag of concrete has exactly .6 sq/ft volume…2 8in x 4ft tubes will take 2.8 sq/ft so 5 bags. Yay science!!