New Chop Saw

So we’re doing some work in the spare bedroom closet and I needed a way to cut a long board in equal length pieces for shelving. Yes I could have done it free hand with a circular saw or jig saw but for truly professional cuts, you want a miter saw, or even better a compound double miter saw! So I dropped about $300 on a miter saw and stand.

So I know this is a bit overkill for half a dozen shelves but this provides the tools to fill a deeper need. I really want to build something, I’ve settled on a shed, a big shed (12×16) and yes I make enough that I could hire someone to do it and have a shed built in about a week. But I want to build it, I want to learn how to fabricate it, I want to be able to say look at this, I built it. So now that I have the primary tool to do this I’m eliminating my excuses to get it built.