Lazy Sunday

After two days of moving I’m beat, all is good though, the job got done and it was great hanging out with my friends.

I went over to Kelly’s to help make things right for the lost keys, they razzed me about losing the keys but you have to have thick skin to hang with my friends, and hell, I deserved it. In any case I paid my dues and helped with the re-wire of the lights which was desperately needed. Got that finished and Sandy had tacos made when I got home but not before stopping for cheesecake:)

Move Complete

So I wanted to get an early start to help finish moving but Sandy decided that she was going to have coffee with a friend. An hour and a half later we were on the road. We met up with Adrian and David and Jeff and convoyed up to the storage and loaded 3 truck beds full along with 3 trailers full of stuff, cleaned it out and got it all off loaded in record time with Sandy, Ronda and Hanna.

Then into the pool to cool off. The only mistake was mine, I left the keys to the pin on the trailer and they are gone, had to unhook by the hitch when I dropped it off. Considering that’s the worst that happened it still counts as a win.

moving crew

Happy 3rd anniversary!!!

Well today Sandy and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary today! Things are going really well, Sandy is in a job that she like as am I. I’m taking classes to help move my career forward and we’re doing well and enjoying life. I feel very blessed today.

I also got a chance to help David move and because I’ve got a big truck I was one of the drivers hauling a trailer to help. It was a little nerve wracking considering I haven’t towed anything in something like 20 years but everything went off without a hitch. I dropped the trailer at David’s and Sandy and I will be up there tomorrow to finish up.

Hauling a Trailer

Well I bought a truck, now it’s time to put it to work. I went to big Kelly’s tonight to grab the trailer to help David move this weekend and it went great except for the lights quasi working on the trailer. I’ve gotten to that point in my life where I always make sure everything is registered, insured and in proper working order, I’ve got I’s dotted and T’s crossed so it’s a bit disconcerting to me to be hauling something that could get me pulled over. Oh well, full speed ahead and damn the torpedos, we’ve got work to do.

New Washer & Dryer

Well the washer and dryer that I’ve had since Keli sold her house finally died, well the washer did anyways. I could have fixed it but I’ve always wanted a high efficiency washer and dryer so I sent Sandy on a mission. She didn’t get very good service at Sears and Home Depot was limited on selection. So Lowe’s got the business and we got a new washer and dryer.

washer and dryer

Dinner with Nicola at Silver Fox

Sandy and I got a chance to have dinner with a co-worker of mine today. As you know my company has employees scattered throughout the United States and Canada so it’s rare that we get a chance to run into one another. Nicola was in town to train a client in Plano so we made the run to Frisco to meet for dinner as the Silver Fox, absolutely amazing steaks. 50 minutes on the way there and 25 minutes on the way back. Rush hour sucks in DFW.

Sunday Dinner

I’m putting this here for reference, we had a 2 pound beef roast in the instant post and it needs to go for 85 minutes to be done. It turned out great with homemade mashed potatoes and green beans.

Breakfast at Brookside

Sandy and I went for breakfast at the Brookside Cafe here in Hurst. Sandy had the banana nut French toast minus the nuts, while I had the ready to go breakfast.

Sandy went to the farmers market with Jen while I just hit Albertsons. Made it up on the hill to try to catch the Maywether & MacGregor fight but had to bail to make it home to eat half a strawberry swirl cheesecake, amazing.

New Site

We’re back with a new site. After trying in vain to work with a custom theme (The 7) we’ve given up and used the standard 2017 WordPress theme to save time and effort so we can have the site up and running. More updates and features will be coming soon.